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Airship models

On all our meetings we studied and discussed a lot of issues connected with creating airship models.

How to use solar energy
Which gas we will use
Remote control steering
Using GPS and camera
How much helium do we need
The blimp and some calculations
Building the zeppelin
Blimp project (Italian work)
Balloons in the air
Geocaching with the GPS

Belgian students also demonstrated a self made "Pathfinder", which can be used to monitor the airship's track, using Google Earth.

Presentation - pathfinder
The pathfinder - basic info
Calculate the distance

Belgian teachers taught Czech children how to build "Da Vinci's aerial screw".
Italian students speaks about Da Vinci's genius.

Aerial Screw Worksheet
Flipchart about Leonardo Da Vinci's genius
Fotoalbum with AERIAL SCREW

Some project videos

Comenius wireless live camera
Eagle Tree Systems GPS navigation device
First flight with lego
How to use pathfinder
The Smart Zeppelin of Belgium

In Prague children made an art gallery of airship models.

Airships gallery

Student JIRKA from Prague worked also on his own AIRSHIP remote controlled. 
You can see a photo.